Attention Couples Seeking Better Sex and Greater Intimacy:
“Discover How Auditory PheromonesTM Effortlessly Stimulates
More Passionate Sex with Faster Arousal and
Deeper Connection and Helps both Women and Men
Let Go Into Longer, Stronger, Full-Body Orgasms
(Plus easier, even multiple, orgasms for women – WOW!)

Dear Friend,

Whether you’d describe your current sex life as “hot”, “pretty good”, “ok”, or “What? Sex?”, there’s little doubt about one thing – it would be good if it got better.

And it can get better – much better. In this report you’ll discover how, by simply pressing a button, you can improve, even dramatically improve, your sex life.

But the big question is how…

Ellen Eatough Hero Shot

I’m Ellen Eatough, The Soulful Sex Coach and creator of the “4 Keys to Sexual Ecstasy” lovemaking enhancement system.

In my over 20 years helping both men and women achieve fulfilling intimate relationships and the kind of ecstatic lovemaking that leads to a whole-body experience of physical bliss, emotional intimacy and spiritual union – I’ve never seen anything like what I’m about to share with you.

You see, until now, it’s taken time and effort to get a better sex life. There’s therapy and counseling to help us understand ourselves and our partner better; there are techniques to help release sexual inhibitions and hang-ups we’ve picked up along the way; there are great books and excellent programs on the market (like mine for example) and these all have their place…

… Problem is: counseling takes time; therapy can be expensive; books and programs require a real commitment and often lack the direct support of the expert who created them.

But what if there was a better way?

Great news! There is. But before we get into the details of exactly how this amazing technology is able to, at the touch of a button, encourage greater intimacy, an overall heightened sexual experience, easier and more frequent orgasms for her – even full body Extatica-style orgasms for both of you, let me share with you a story about…

Sexually Satisfied Women

…Joe, from Boca Rotan, Florida, whose friends affectionately consider him a “player.” He sees one of the women he dates on a weekly basis, and she had always insisted that she never has more than one orgasm per session. She was happy with that, and told him not to push her for more.

This night was different…they had sex, and she had her orgasm. THEN, Joe started playing Love Unbound with Auditory Pheromones and told her, “The night is young.”

They proceeded to make love again, and after an extended time, she fell back on the bed, exhausted, demanding, “What is IN that music?!?”

9 Amazing Things You Can Experience When You Use Auditory PheromonesTM

Yab Yum Couple

1 Deeper Intimacy and a
Soul-Level Connection

Intimacy isn’t just a “woman thing”. In fact, “more intimacy” is the number 1 request I get from the men I work with! The problem is most men have never been taught how to be intimate. They want “it” but they don’t exactly know how to name and claim the “it” that they want!

The Auditory Pheromones technology entrains or syncs you to your partner, heart to heart, body-to-body, and soul-to-soul. This blissful experience is intimacy like you’ve never experienced! …And you don’t even have to talk to feel it.

Burning Hearts Fireworks

2 Greater Spontaneity

Remember when sex just happened? When you couldn’t keep your hands off each other? When there was nothing more important than that coupling?

That is spontaneity, and while many believe it is only found in new relationships, in my experience that is simply not so. Auditory Pheromones re- ignites the flame of desire that may have gone dim over the years, allowing you feel spontaneous and frisky again no matter how many years have passed since you were the “hot new couple”.

Late 30's Couple in Bed

3 Faster Arousal

Life is stressful, and stress can disrupt our hormonal balance and put a crimp on the flow of sexual juices. This can lead to slower or less predictable arousal, especially as you get older.

The proven stress-reducing capacity of this technology allows you to relax into feeling sexy and juicy, and leave “the day” outside your bedroom door.

Happy Jumping Woman Silhouette

4 Break the Chains of
Self-Limiting Patterns

Everyone develops patterns for the many things we need to do and handle every day (like brushing your teeth). Sometimes patterns become self-limiting — they hold back your potential for a wide range of experience, and get you stuck in a passion-sapping sexual rut, using the same positions or a predictable sequence of foreplay.

These Auditory Pheromones gently melt away and release self-limiting patterns, which opens you and your partner to try new things and helps you enjoy a wider range of possibilities for arousal and sexual response. Couples often report more variety in their foreplay and finding themselves in new sexual positions.

Passionate Couples In Black

5 Easier and More Numerous Orgasms
for Women

Did you know that you can “get into a rut” in a specific and habitual sequence of emotional responses and muscular tension in order to move toward orgasm?

You can, and it’s a real pleasure buzz kill because when you are in this rut, your next orgasm can only be as good as the last one; never better than the last one. And while the last one might have been good – wouldn’t it be amazing to know that no matter how delicious, your next one could be better?!

I think a main reason so many women report enjoying easier orgasms while listening to the Auditory Pheromones – even experiencing multiple orgasms for the first time – is that the Auditory Pheromones aid in both overriding and breaking up these limiting patterns.


© Catherine Andrews

6 Enhanced Libido

As the years roll on, libido for both men and women can wane. Older customers repeatedly report enhanced libido, especially for the partner whose libido has been the lowest, and an ability to tap into sexual energy that may have been previously been difficult to access.

Pillow Talk

7 Easier and More Open Communication About Sexual Needs and Desires

One of the typical challenges in intimate relationship is conveying what we need and want to our partner. It can often be difficult to identify within ourselves what we really need sexually.

These special Auditory Pheromones include brainwave entrainment into the ideal state for holistic awareness of yourself and your partner. And other resonant frequencies facilitate easier verbal and non-verbal communication about what you’ve become aware of.

Catherine Andrew Coalescence

© Catherine Andrews

8 Effortlessly Dissolve Inhibitions

Few, if anyone, grow up without experiencing some degree of hurt, shame, guilt, embarrassment, being held back, shut down, or downright repressed in the realm of love and sex. And these past experiences cause us and/or our partner to unintentionally hold back sexually and emotionally. This holding back is completely subconscious, and it’s your mind’s way of protecting you from getting hurt.

But you are no longer a child and now this protective response – the holding back – is keeping you from giving and receiving the kind of love and pleasure you want and deserve now.

The special formulation of Auditory Pheromones helps to gently and gradually melt away the emotional and energetic ties that bind you, to release your sexual vitality and open your heart for joyful, unabashed responsiveness and self- expression.


9 Greater Pleasure and Mind-Blowing
Full-Body Orgasms for Both
Women and Men!

The Auditory Pheromones heighten sensory perception, so you simply feel more of the pleasure you’re experiencing. Like a “best day ever” experience where every sense is heightened and tuned to the ecstatic pleasure of being alive, the program tunes all your senses to be fully experienced; fully alive!

In addition to the up-leveling of your physical senses, you may experience an opening of your energy channels and heightened awareness of the circulation of sexual energy throughout your body. So by the time you get to climax, your orgasms can be more expansive and more powerful!

I’d Like to Share Another True-Life Story With You, About Jake and Marissa, but First, Let Me Ask You…

frusterating sex life

Is your sex life ever frustrating or disappointing?

In my 20 years working with clients and teaching soulful sex practices to audiences around the world, what I hear most often are stories of sexual frustration and avoidable disappointment including:

  • Feeling like you’re missing out on how great sex can be (or used to be), and it’s negatively affecting other aspects of your relationship
  • Desire is waning, arousal is slow to kick in, or female orgasms are too slow or too much work to achieve (if it happens)
  • Sexual inhibitions or wandering thoughts tend to hold you or your partner back from enjoying the ecstatic lovemaking you know is possible
  • Challenges attracting or keeping a partner because of sexual blocks, fears and inhibitions
  • Sex has gotten a little ho-hum and routine, and you want to reverse the dimming of the passion before it goes into the free-fall so many of your friends have experienced
  • Or maybe you are one whose sex life is already good, and you’d like to push it up a notch or two to positively ecstatic

If any of the above sounds like you, then the next big question to ask is:

What if, Simply by Pressing ‘Play’,
I Could Ecstatic-ize My Lovemaking?

Ecstatic-ize love making

You can. When you have the power of Auditory Pheromones at your finger tips like Jake and Marissa did. Here’s their story…

Woman Initiating On Top

They’re a happily married couple in their late 30s, with three young children. The only drawback was their sex life.

Due to Marissa’s religious upbringing, they waited to have sex until their wedding night. In spite of a passionate engagement, Jake was sadly disappointed when they made love only twice during their week-long honeymoon. And it never got much better.

The first time they used the music with Auditory Pheromones, Marissa transformed into a wild and sexually responsive woman. They spontaneously found themselves in new positions trying new things. And the next time things got even hotter.

Jake told me he was so relieved to discover it wasn’t his fault all these years that their sex life hadn’t been what he had hoped for, but it is now!

Greater Desire & Enjoy Sex More

Since menopause I have experienced a diminished libido with less interest in sex. It has caused me to hold back a little sexually, like many of us probably do. When my partner and I first made love listening to Love Unbound, it seemed like new places opened up within me, and I felt, ‘I can go there.’
The next time my boyfriend played the music, I noticed it helps me get out of my head and into my body. It actually intensifies my sensory perception, and I enjoy sex more. Ellen, what you’re doing for people with this program is so important!Teresa Black, MD., San Rafael, CA

Let’s Look Under the Hood of this Amazingly Simple and Powerful Audio Technology

Fractal Violet Flower Mandal

Auditory Pheromones incorporate 74 layers of resonant frequencies, including brainwave entrainment, that can give you consistently better and better sex!

Brainwaves on Blue

Brainwave Entrainment is a natural phenomenon where the rhythms of one object or organism synchronize with those of another.

  • It can bring you and your partner “in sync” with each other, so you feel more deeply and deliciously connected.
  • Auditory PheromonesTM effortlessly entrain you and your partner to the ideal brainwave state for better orgasms and ecstatic lovemaking.
  • You are in sync with the vibration of each other and of pleasure and of love.
Chakras Couple

Resonant Frequencies awaken energies already residing within you (possibly inhibited or lying dormant), like a tuning fork can make the strings on a piano sing.

  • They can revitalize the natural healthy flow of your sexual energy
  • They can open you and your partner to deeper soulful connection during more exciting sex
  • Even if you don’t have a partner, they can help you enliven your sexual energy and help you attract a partner

OK! So here’s where you get to decide whether or not you are ready to experience love making so passionate, you might find yourself making up a story to explain to the neighbors what all the commotion is all about!

But you know you want that kind of “commotion”, or you wouldn’t still be reading.

I’d like to invite you to explore the possibilities Auditory Pheromones can open you to with this meticulously engineered and beautifully arranged audio program that will have you singing arias with your lover in no time!

Love Unbound CD cover

Extatica presents: Love Unbound, with Advanced Auditory Pheromone Technology

Available only on this site, Love Unbound, is a collection of beautiful musical compilations embedded with our proprietary, passion-upleveling technology to create an experience available through no other medium that we are aware.

When you purchase today, you’ll receive not one, but two complete passion-inducing compilations on compact disc – one for the bedroom (or any room you choose to transform into your pleasure-place) and one that you can listen to anytime, anywhere – all for a remarkable introductory price.

What’s the difference you ask?

Love Unbound CD1

The first compact disc, “Music for Love Making” contains the full depth and breadth of the technology and because of it’s ability to relax you deeply, and put you quickly into the “trance-like” state most suitable for uninhibited love making, we don’t recommend you listen unless that state is your intention.

“Music for Love Making” activates your natural rhythms of euphoria and escorts you and your lover to a shared state of openhearted intimacy and deep sensuality, inspiring new dimensions of lovemaking.

Never listen to the “Music for Love Making” while driving or engaging in other activities that require you to be mentally alert.

Love Unbound CD2

The second compact disc, “Music for Everyday Use” has the same tunes as the “Music for Lovemaking,” but with a slightly different formula of resonant frequencies to support mental alertness and safety for everyday activities.

Like the “Music for Lovemaking,” the “Music for Everyday Use” promotes heart-opening and freedom from limiting patterns, so you can be more present and respond to the situation at hand with greater clarity and spontaneity. Both CDs help you connect with vital life force energy while tuning into spiritual dimensions.

Many customers say they use the “Music for Everyday Use” while commuting, practicing yoga, or working at their computer, to enjoy the cumulative benefits.

60-Day Money-Back Satisfaction Guarantee

60 Day Money Back Garantee

If you’re not 100% satisfied, I don’t expect, or even desire, to keep your money. Simply notify us and return the product within 60 days. We’ll give you your money back, no questions asked.

“But Ellen, What if the Last Thing I’m Interested in Is Sex, Much Less ‘Better’ Sex?”

Woman Pushing Men Away

Glad you asked, because when your (or your partner’s) libido has really tanked, it can be very difficult to get into the state of mind where you feel even a little bit of desire. Having sex without wanting sex creates a classic “Catch 22” as the very thing – sex – that can raise your libido, is the last thing you want. And to further exacerbate the situation, when you have sex but you don’t want sex, it’s probably not going to be a pleasurable experience, which reinforces the “I-don’t-wantsex program” your subconscious mind is currently running.

Don’t despair. There is a way out of this frustrating loop, and it’s held in the Advanced Auditory Pheromones technology.

Libido can be negatively affected by:

  • Computer with Post-its

    The stress of modern life. Let’s face it you have a lot on your plate and that means stress. The problem with stress is it triggers a hormonal response in your body that essentially “blocks” the flow of other hormones that allow you to feel sexy and sexual, and this is especially true for women. More stress = less desire.

  • Heart in Safe

    Sub-conscious blocks and negative beliefs about sex and your sexuality. Our culture is a cornucopia of mixed messages about sex and sexuality. It is difficult to impossible to grow up today without receiving confusing messages and/or experiencing sexual situations that feel unsafe, traumatic and even “dangerous” to the subconscious mind. Your subconscious mind then reacts in a protective manner, turning down or shutting down your natural and healthy desire for sex.

    The advanced Audio Pheromone technology infused into the Love Unbound experience can:

    1. gently and effectively ease your body’s stress response allowing you to effortlessly relax and feel more calm and peaceful about life in general, and
    2. 2) gently and, in your own time and space, allow you to let go of some of the old negative sexual programming and replace it with beliefs that are supportive of the adult you are today and of the relationship you desire to have.

    I’m going to share a story with you that illustrates just how gentle, yet powerful, this process can be. It’s the story of Ashley, who was actually single and seeking, but having difficulty attracting a partner to her. You see, Ashley had been single a long time and didn’t feel very “sexy,” nor had she allowed herself the simple pleasure of feeling sexual.

    (Hint: feeling sexy and sexual – even a little bit – is the secret key that begins to vitalize a low or virtually non-existent libido!)

Picture with woman in car
Here’s what Ashley wrote to tell me:

Ellen, I used the music to get in touch with my joy, creativity and pleasure generally. I had really shut down my creative spirit, and your Love Unbound CD really helped me to re-open and re-connect with these parts of me.

I had repressed my creativity/sexuality generally and found myself making the choice to allow myself the gift of my femininity and my feminine power to circulate and to learn to harness it. My sensuality and sensitivity increased, as did my sense of aliveness and connection to my body.

My sex drive also increased (which had been low), and men started to notice me more and actually ask me out – and as a result, I’m now dating one amazing man, age 47!

This is from mostly listening to the car safe CD version.

– Ashley, Winnipeg, Canada

What Are Auditory Pheromones, and
How Can They Give You Consistently Better Sex?

Fractal Violet Flower as Mandala

Regular pheromones, carried through the air, produce potent effects via chemical signals, which you typically can’t smell. Their job is to trigger a social response, such attracting you to a particular person.

Similarly, Auditory Pheromones, carried through sound produce a passionate response, even though you typically can’t directly hear or feel them. They combine the natural principles of psychoacoustics, including and entrainment and resonance to organically deepen your emotional awareness and sensory pleasure and help you open to new realms within.

What Is Entrainment?

Entrainment is a form of Resonance.

A Bunch of Pendulum Clocks

Entrainment is a natural phenomenon where the rhythms of one object or organism synchronize with those of another.

In 1665, the Dutch scientist Christian Huygens discovered if you set a bunch of pendulum clocks, you can’t set them to the same micro-second, so they tick-tock chaotically off rhythm. But if you go away for a day or two, when you return, they will be perfectly synchronized. This locking in step of the rhythms of the pendulums is entrainment.

Fireflies in a swarm will eventually entrain the blinking of their lights, and …

Due to the natural process of entrainment, your heartbeat, breath, and brainwaves speed up or slow down to synchronize within you or respond to an external rhythm.

Couple's Smiling in Bed

Our own bodily systems, like our breath, heart rate and brain waves naturally entrain with one another. When we slow our breathing, our heart rate will naturally slow down and our brain waves follow.

EEG research shows that when two people are in deep conversation and feel really “in sync,” their brain waves are entraining with each other’s.

We can attempt to consciously entrain with another person by breathing together. Since our eyes are the frontal lobes of our brains, when we have prolonged eye contact, this also contributes to entrainment. By these methods, it can take at least 15 minutes to entrain with your partner (more on a faster way in a moment).

When your brainwaves and body rhythms are entraining at the ideal frequency and “in sync” with your partner’s…

  • You automatically feel more present
  • You both feel more deeply connected on a heart-to-heart level, a soul level beyond the everyday personality, and
  • You experience unconditional love
  • Physical sex is more exciting, and it becomes a full expression of love with a sense of spiritual union.

The Question Is, What Is the “Ideal Frequency,” or
SPEED of Brainwave Entrainment,

Turns out, the THETA Brainwave State is the ideal state for “SUPER SEX”


© audio-moods

What are THETA brainwaves, and why are they the ideal predominant brainwave state for ecstatic lovemaking?

This image depicts the primary brainwave states. Different brainwaves are useful for different functions, and different parts of your brain are typically producing brainwaves of different speeds any one time.

As more of your brainwaves become synchronized at the same rhythm, you become more focused and present to your situation.

We often think of theta brainwaves as being predominant when we are dreaming or in deep meditation. But we can also generate theta while active and awake.

Intimate Kissing Couples

Waking theta (from 4-8 cycles per second) is the state of “super learning” and “SUPER SEX.”

Research shows that when you are producing more theta brainwaves during lovemaking, you experience:

  • Heightened sensory perception and awareness of your body, which enhances your physical pleasure.
  • Increased emotional awareness and open-hearted attunement to your lover’s needs.
  • Deeper intimacy.
  • Greater tolerance, understanding, and openness to self-love and love for your partner.
  • Openness to transcendence.
Stars Allign Heart Redpink

I first studied brainwave entrainment with Dr. Jeffrey Thompson, director of the Center for Neuroacoustic Research and one of the top brainwave experts in the US. We discussed lovemaking and brainwave states, he personally and emphatically told me,

THETA is definitely the best state for mind-blowing orgasms!

– Dr. Jeffrey Thompson

Mind-Blowing Orgasms
+ Enhanced Sensory Perception
+ Emotional Intimacy
+ Being “In Sync” with Your Lover
+ Unconditional Love
+ Openness to Transcendence


How Do I Achieve This State of Synchronistic, Ecstatic Mind-Blowing Sex?

Heart Musical Notes Pulse Red

BRAINWAVE ENTRAINMENT with external stimuli is typically the fastest way to get you into entrainment with your partner with more theta brainwave production.

The most common external stimuli for brainwave entrainment are drumming, pulsing light and sound, and specially treated music. Of course, music and sex have always been a quintessential combo.

We’ve taken the concept a big leap further by infusing music for lovemaking with Auditory Pheromones, a precise formula of resonant frequencies, including brainwave entrainment.

What is Resonance?

Piano Tuningfork Black and White

Resonance is the impact of one vibration on another. When you strike a middle C tuning fork, it makes the C strings on a nearby piano sing through the principle of resonance. Likewise, the vibrations of sound waves and subtle energies have resonant effects upon each of us.

Resonance is also the frequency at which an object most naturally wants to vibrate. When frequencies resonate with natural energies in you, like spontaneous sexual expression or openhearted love, even if they have been dormant for a long time, they can wake up these energies, like the tuning fork can activate the sounds of the piano strings.

This enables you to expand into and explore the richness and excitement of your vast sexual potential.

Woman Passion Water

The right formula of resonant frequencies can also open the flow of energy between your sexuality, your heart and spiritual connection.

You probably won’t feel the resonant frequencies directly, you’ll simply feel more sensuous and sexual — more freely expressive, passionate, and orgasmic.

My Personal Story

My own journey to discovering Super Sex and transcendent sexual pleasure began while I was getting my masters degree in East-West Psychology, my personal journey catapulted me into a surprising new realm of “off-the-charts” ecstatic lovemaking.

That first experience and many more to follow were marked by a palpable, almost physical, heart opening, while waves of sexual energy pulsed through us. We tapped into a state of unconditional love that goes beyond the everyday personality, along with intense sexual pleasure and a sense of being One with all that is, like the Divine expressing itself through us.

Candidly, it was so deeply fulfilling that it wasn’t even on the same chart as regular sex to measure its magnificence, and I was hooked!

Since I was in graduate school at the time, I ended up becoming one of 91 subjects in a nationwide scientific study on people who have mind-bending ecstatic sexual experiences — and I realized we were not the only ones having “off the charts” sex.

I was inspired to do my own in-depth academic and personal research on the subject, and I discovered there’s a formula that these ecstatic lovers innately knew that people having mediocre sex just didn’t know how to tap into, and that brings us to having this conversation now.

You want what I have spent over 20 years experiencing personally and supporting men and women of all ages and sexual persuasions to experience too.

Over time, I incorporated Auditory Pheromones into my workshops, and eventually a use-at-home system, called “4 Keys to Sexual Ecstasy,” to help fast-track people to ecstatic lovemaking.

Lumin and Ellen

I’ve only recently come to discover that this Advanced Auditory Pheromone technology in my “Love Unbound” music CDs could stand on its own as an effortless and fun “jumpstart” to help you easily open to and share more exciting, passionate, heartfelt, and even spiritually connected lovemaking.

It’s really a first step, or a first big leap into this realm of sexual ecstasy.

6 Reasons Why Love Unbound Is Different From Anything Else

Love Making on Every Possible Level

1. The only “music” for lovemaking that actually improves your love making on every possible level – physical, emotional, energetic, conscious, subconscious and superconscious – and that improvement is cumulative! Think sex is amazing today? Wait until tomorrow!

Panasonic Engineers

2. The Auditory Pheromones (the resonant frequencies) are infused into the music through a Proprietary Process. A team of Panasonic Engineers actually tried to reverse-engineer this music to figure out how the technology works – but they couldn’t!

Does not require Headphones

3. Unlike products that use binaural beat technology for brainwave entrainment, Love Unbound does not require headphones, because the music was actually composed with the brainwave entrainment “built in” (in addition to the pulse technology added in).It would really be a drag if you had to wear headphones while having sex – unless you have a headphone fettish!

Music Affects you Entire Body

4. The dozens of additional resonant frequencies carried on the music affect your entire body, as well as your brain, so wearing headphones would significantly limit the effects.

Music Resonant Frequencies

5. With virtually no effort on your part, the resonant frequencies stimulate your sexual energy and get it circulating throughout your body to help integrate your sexuality, your heart, and your spirituality, as well as promoting full-body orgasms!


6. Love Unbound is the only program of its kind currently the focus of a major research study. I’ve spent years studying this phenomenon and am thrilled it is getting the attention from the scientific community it deserves.

Great Sex Can Improve Every Aspect of Your Life!

What would it mean to you if you had the benefits of having and desiring regular sex and making it a top priority in your life:

  1. Elevates Your Mood and May Help Ease Symptoms of Depression
  2. Boosts Your Immune System
  3. Gives Your Heart a Healthy Lift
  4. Keeps Your Youth-Juices Flowing for Younger and More Vibrant Skin, Hair, Nails, Overall Flexibility
  5. Helps You Drop into Deep Restorative Sleep, So You Awake Refreshed, Revitalized and Ready for Your Day
  6. Sex Naturally Balances Hormones in Both Men and Women and May Help Reduce the Risk of Breast and Prostate Cancer
  7. Reduces Acute Pain and Can Be an Part of Effective Management of Chronic Pain
  8. Has a Positive Spillover Effect on Other Family Relationships

Your Triple Extatica Guarantee

Satisfied Woman Brown Hair Blowing

  • Extatica Quality – we’ve crafted these compositions with the utmost care, attention to detail and a musically discerning ear. You’ll enjoy listening almost as much as the results!
Satisfied Man Yes Fist in Bed with Woman

  • Extatica Results – and speaking of results, better and better sex is what Love Unbound is all about, and we eagerly await your applause (after you catch your breath, of course).
Couple Eye Gazing Middle Age Hug

  • Extatica Impact – improving your sex is not just an end in itself (although in our opinion it could be); a better sex life impacts every area of your life – your self esteem, relationships, health, joie de vivre – all can be enhanced when you’ve
Man on top of womans in bed

There’s a sexual virtuoso in you aching to be unleashed!

Your sex life can go from disappointing or disconnected to passionate, deeply connected, and more easily orgasmic.

With the touch of the “play” button, your whole sex life can change.

You can replace them with spontaneous, passionate, soulfully connected, wildly orgasmic, mutually
satisfying lovemaking.

Ellen, as a result of your program our love life, on a scale of 10, went from a 6 to a 26…overnight!

-Suzanne H., Santa Fe, NM

Love Unbound
Digital Download Only

Love Unbound Product Cover

Download the entire digital program and get instant access.
John Grey Ellen Mendicino House 2009

John Gray, PhD, New York Times best selling author of Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus, says this about Ellen’s programs:

Make sure you’re getting the inspiration that Ellen provides… Having regular sex ultimately has been proven to be the most effective anti-aging treatment there is.

Why Should You Pay Attention To Me?

Ellen Eatough Transcendent Sex Seminar

Since 1991, as a hypnotherapist with a master’s degree in East-West Psychology, I’ve helped thousands of people release their sexual and relationship wounds to enjoy more deeply fulfilling sex that includes:

  • Orgasmic physical pleasure,
  • Deep emotional intimacy, and a sense of
  • Spiritual union.

To give private clients rapid and, often transformative results, I’ve always used innovative technologies and vibrational frequencies (including sound, colored light, and other subtle energy).

When I started incorporating some of the vibrational tools I used in my healing practice into my workshops and easy-to-use media products, individuals and couples began reporting rapid and dramatic improvements in their sex lives.

This Technology is Truly Extraordinary!

Imagine, better – much better – sex with virtually NO effort and without taking even one extra minute out of your busy life…

Happy Feet End of Bed

Don’t wait. Order now, and I’ll “see” you on the other side!

To Living an Ecstatic Life,

Ellen's Signature

In accordance with the latest FTC guidelines, we want to make it explicitly clear that the customer letters we have received are based on the unique experiences and circumstances of a few people only. Scientific research is currently underway, and research subjects have submitted many additional positive comments about the benefits they have experienced. However, the research findings are not yet conclusive or final. We cannot promise that you will experience similar benefits from using our product. The generally expected performance of Love Unbound in regards to any specific disease or dysfunction has not been scientifically validated, and we cannot and will not make any promises in regards to any miracle cures.